City of Riddles is by a company called Polyglot. This play was a bit strange. Especially how the actors (dressed like robots) told us what to do. They didn’t talk. They only wrote messages on whiteboard instructing us what to do.

The play was very interactive for everyone, including parents. We were all split into teams. I was in the green team called Greenville.  Our team captain was Sophie. Under instruction from the actors each team were given different activities to carry out. The funniest activity was when the blue team (the parents) were told to act like sheep…baa.

Even though it was strange I found the different style of theatre interesting.  My little brother (aged 4) was a little scared so I would recommend it for ages 5 and up. City of Riddles is touring around Victoria until October.


Saltbush Review

Saltbush was a creative show made of art, music and dance. Compagnia TPO an Italian company produced Saltbush in collaboration with Australian artists. Delwyn Manix, from Adelaide, was the artist for the imagery projected on to the “magic carpet.”  Saltbush is a story about Sonny and Rosie travelling through Aboriginal countries of Australia. They are guided by Jaida who was like a spirit. They crossed through rivers, city, dessert, countryside and finished with a celebratory dance.

The audience was invited to participate and dance on the magic carpet. I liked the interactive magic carpet and enjoyed being part of the performance. I also enjoyed the combination of art, music, dance and story.

I throughly enjoyed Saltbush and recommend it to people who like dance and aboriginal stories. It is for all ages.