Light Fantastic

Can you draw with light? YES, I learned how to do it at a workshop called Light Fantastic at Artplay. Haley Rivers taught us the history of Light Graffiti and how easy it is to create. You need light and a photographer.

Haley & me

Juggle Light










We explored how to create different patterns with light. The types on light we used were from juggle balls, hula hoops, glow sticks and torches.

We made an animation of a city which I hope to be able to put up on my blog soon. I enjoyed making this animation. All of the animations from Light Fantastic workshops will be exhibited in November.

I liked Light Fantastic. I recommend this to anyone exploring different types of arts.


Here are a few pictures I made at home.

Shooting Star

Love Heart

Perfume Bottle

Music Note


Circus Oz

I went to Circus Oz – Steam Powered. Circus Oz was funny. This circus was like a play with different acts. On stage there were 12 people and off stage there were 23 people. It takes alot of people to make the show happen.

Whilst we were seated waiting for the show to start some of the actors were walking around entertaining us. The drummer was walking through the audience with her drumsticks. She walked passed us and played music on our popcorn boxes.

I enjoyed the welcome song sung by Boss Lady and Aviatrix. It was funny and you had to listen closely as the song was talking to you, giving instructions.

What I saw…

  • Group Acts
  • Aerial Acts – Hanging around
  • Acrobatics – Hitting the floor and bouncing elegantly
  • Juggling – Throwing things and catching all of them

I liked the flying trapeze. Eak and Minimus Prime were amazing. The girls on the trapeze somersaulted and caught each other flying through the air. This act was very impressive. I’m sure they did lots of practice. The acrobats and jugglers were also extremely entertaining.

I thought Circus Oz was fantastic! This is one of my favourite things I have been to since starting my blog. My little brother was laughing alot too. He loved it. I am sure you will really like it too. I recommend Circus Oz – Steam Powered for all ages.

Art of the Brick

Art of the Brick was an exhibition of Lego sculptures by New York artist Nathan Sawaya. It is amazing to think all the sculptures were made of Lego.

Here is one of my favourite scultpures below.

I enjoyed watching the video of Nathan Sawaya build one of the sculptures.

The exhibition is not that big and in a large space, so you can easily get around to see all the displays. I am sure this will inspire many people to start building with Lego. Recommended for all ages.


I went to Scienceworks. I saw 2 shows, Light & Fire and The Problem with Pluto. I liked Scienceworks because it was very interesting and interactive. I enjoyed the Planetarium and Nitty Gritty Super City.

The Planetarium was amazing. I liked the way you laid back in the seats and watched the sky. I saw the movie The Problem with Pluto. I didn’t really like this movie. I did like learning about which constellations to spot in the night sky.

The Light and Fire show was about chemistry. They did some experiments. The man talked about a lightning show which would happen at the end. I thought this part was disappointing. I expected more lightning. I would like to have seen more experiments to do with lightning.

I thought that Scienceworks was great, I recommend this 3+.

Little Big Shots – Kids Film Festival

I went to Little Big Shots, which is a film festival for kids by ACMI and Artplay. Some of the movies were from different countries and some movies were made by children. I chose to go to Package 3. In this package we saw Ormie, Naked Mole Gets Dressed, Toot Toot, Air Bear, Witches Love and The Gruffalo.

My all time favourites were Ormie and Air Bear.

Ormie – Ormie was a funny little pig who wanted to get his trotters on a jar of  delicious choc chip biscuits. Ormie tried lots of funny ways to get the biscuits. In the end he got the biscuits. But did he get to eat one? You will have to see the movie to find out. The whole cinema was laughing.

Naked Mole Gets Dressed – this was about one mole who liked getting dressed. The other moles got angry with him because he liked to get dressed. Naked moles were meant to be naked. This movie OK.

The Gruffalo – this movie followed the book very closely. This was one of my favourite books when I was little. The animation was fantastic.

Air Bear – this was about something made from old things. A man got lots of plastic bags and made a bear. When air was blowing in the bear, the bear stood up. People stopped to look at Air Bear. I have seen this before on ABC Kids TV.

I highly recommend this film festival. The organisers chose great movies. I will definitely go to this film festival next year.

The film festival is moving around Australia. To view national dates click here.

Tutankhamun Exhibition

I went to the Tutankhamun exhibition on the Saturday the 4th June 2011. I went with Issy, Indi and of course mum came.

I thought the video at the start of the exhibition was good. It gave an overview about Egypt and Tutankhamun. Sometimes it was hard to follow the family tree. I kept getting confused between the father and great grandfather of Tutankhamun. Overall the exhibition was fascinating. The artefacts are beautiful. It is hard to believe they are that old.

We saw so many interesting things. From hieroglyphics to artefacts; canopic jars to gold coffins and death masks. There were many perfume/oil/unguent vessels, some furniture and jewellery.

Canopic Jars

I learnt alot from the exhibition. I learnt about some Egyptian history, the mummification process, Obsidian, the meaning of the colour blue for Egyptians and lots more.

We went to the 9:00am session and didn’t have to wait in a big queue to get in. It took us about 2 hours to get through. We had a rest half way. Towards the end of the exhibition it was starting to get really crowded. I recommend going early to beat the crowds. You weren’t allowed any food and drink inside the exhibition. You weren’t allowed to take photos and mobile phones had to be switched off. I would recommend this exhibition to 5+.