A Little Bit of Blue: The Mystery

I went to A Little Bit of Blue with my brother and dad. A Little Bit of Blue was a puppet show at Artplay. It was about a bowerbird who took blue things from a grandma. The bower bird collects blue things to put his nest, then does a dance to attract a female bird. If he does not impress that female bowerbird he has to find another female bowerbird.

I liked the way each of the 7 characters had a different voice done by the solo artist.  I recommend this for children aged 2-9.



Mortimer Revealed

Mortimer Revealed is the latest Grimstone story. The Grimstones is a gothic fairytale, told by marionettes. There were two people Asphyxia and Paula who controlled the marionettes. Asphyxia, who is a deaf artist, wrote the story and made the marionettes and the stage props. The marionettes and props are beautiful. The props were like big books carried on to the stage. The books contained the scenes. Asphyxia signed and Paula translated the story.

Paula and Asphyxia









Martha was curious about her father’s death. No one would talk about his death. Martha asked her brother, Crumpet who had magic powers, if he could unleash the mystery behind the death of her father.

The Grimstone Family










The movement of the marionettes was expressive and didn’t need many words to explain the story. If you want to take a little sneak peak at the story click here. 

Martha and Crumpet Grimstone

After the show we were able to ask questions. I learned that Asphyxia is turning the Grimstones into story books. I can’t wait until they are released next year. I really enjoyed this show at Artplay. This is one of my most favourite things I have seen at Artplay this year!

Piano Boat

I went to Artplay for the Piano Boat shadow puppet workshop. We made giant puppets from cardboard. These were attached to our backs and we were part of the puppet. String attached to the mouth of the puppet, the arms and legs were ours.

In groups of 2 we made our own puppet shows. I enjoyed watching everyones puppet show.

Circus Fun

I went along to Artplay to learn circus tricks. I thought it was great fun. I learn’t many things like juggling, diablo, clowning around, spinning plates and some circus games.

Here is a little tip on how to learn to juggle. Use facewashers when learning because they fall slower than balls, giving you more time to catch them.

I had great fun at this workshop.