Softie Friends

In the holidays I went to Softie Friends at Artplay with Katie Evans. Katie ran the  sewing workshop with Monika. Firstly we chose our pattern (or made our own). I chose the owl. We selected our felt and fabrics for decorations. Katie talked about the different stitches we could use to sew our Softie Friends. I used running stitch. There were also different types of stuffing. Apart from the soft fluffy fill, there was paper and foam.

Tracing the pattern

Creating Bink










I think putting it together, making it come to life was the best part of the workshop. Adding a face, eyes, nose and wings gave “Bink” her own personality.



I could have stayed there all day sewing. This workshop has inspired me to make some more things. Katie showed us that you can make something from anything for example a circle could be used to make a cat. Katie has a great book called Little Things for Busy Hands.


Me and Bink

Everyone can enjoy this workshop and you don’t have to know how to sew!