Hatched by Asphyxia – Book Review

Hatched is the first book of the Grimstones story by Asphyxia. This book is based on the Hatched play. If you are unfamiliar with The Grimstones it is a Gothic Fairytale and you can look at my reviews of the plays Hatched and Mortimer Revealed. The book was the same as the play but in greater detail. The book is a combination of a picture book and novel. The book is actually Martha’s Diary and you can see where she has drawn pictures and stuck in photos.

Martha wants to become ‘Lady Martha the Magnificent.’ She is not sure how, but experiments with sewing however her favourite room of the house is Grandpa Grimstones apothecary. I am not going to reveal all Martha’s diary secrets here.

I read the book in a day because I couldn’t put it down. The book was EXCELLENT! I recommend the story for 7+ (even mum loved this story). I can’t wait to read Mortimer Revealed (Book #2).

I went to a book reading of Hatched at Readings in Carlton last week. I enjoyed it. Here is a picture of me with Asphyxia signing my copy of Mortimer Revealed. Stay tuned for a book review on Mortimer Revealed coming soon.



Random Musical was 5 performers that improvised with random words from the audience. The silly story was totally spontaneous. They made up the title of the play from the random words. The title of our play was The Plane in the Zombie Galaxy. There was also a man on the piano playing spontaneous music. They used props on stage to turn into characters. Audience participation was required, singing, making sounds and movements.

The location of Random Musical was amazing, held in the Speigeltent as part of the Comedy Festival. The layout of the tent makes it easy for everyone to see and become more involved with the actors.

I thought everyone involved was really talented.  Random Musical shows are always different and depend on the random words from the audience! I could go and see it again and again! I recommend this silly bit of fun for all ages.

The Hidden Monastery – book review

The Hidden Monastery was written by Gabrielle Wang. In The Hidden Monastery there is a mythological creature called Peng (pronounced Pong). The main characters are Jax , YuYu, Buzzy and The Abbot.

Jax goes on a journey learning about himself. He learns to be brave and strong. The Abbot teaches him to control the power of his mind and to believe in himself. YuYu his friend was there to support him throughout the journey. It  was extremely difficult to put his book down. The writing is very descriptive and easy to paint the scenes in your mind. It was like I was on the journey with Jax.

There are many good lessons in this book about practicing and believing. I strongly recommend this book for ages 7+. I look forward to reading more books by Gabrielle Wang.