Pinocchio – Malthouse Theatre

I was lucky enough to go to the opening night of Pinocchio at the Malthouse. It was different because it was a modern day Pinocchio adapted from the original story with groovy music. I was pleasantly surprised as I thought it might be targeted to a younger audience. So do not be put off by thinking Pinocchio is for young children. This musical most definitely has a wide appeal. Click here to see a Pinocchio trailer.

I had many favourite parts of the play. I was impressed with the way Pinocchio was built and the way his nose grew. I also really liked the cricket. He was a puppet and the puppeteer had a great sense of humour. He also entertained us at interval. The set was awesome. I also loved how there was only one set used differently. It showed that you don’t need lots of different sets to tell a story, you just need imagination.

The playwright Julianne O’Brien, wrote the play bringing the story up to date. This combined with the music by Jethro Woodward and the direction of Rosemary Myers made for a very entertaining play.  I thoroughly enjoyed the production. The play was true to the storyline and the music added an extra element.

My brother attended as well. He is only 5 and loved it too. Therefore I would say this is definitly a play for all the family. I highly recommend this for ages 5+. Pinocchio is showing from 6-28 September, time for me to go again! Great activity for the school holidays, book now. There will be a Crafternoon at the Malthouse with craft activities, puppetry and music on the 22 Sept.


Annie – Musical

I love the movie Annie and the musical Annie was as good. Annie was held in the beautiful old Regent Theatre. It has mural paintings on the roof and lovely decor. When you enter the theatre the usher gave children a cushion. I had no trouble seeing the stage with the help of the cushion.

They changed the musical a bit but it was still like the original movie. There was lots of energetic singing and dancing. My favorite song and dance is  It’s a Hard Knock Life that the orphans and Annie sung. My favourite orphan was Molly she played her role exceptionally well.  The stage sets were great. The orphanage looked real and  Mr Warbucks house was beautifully decorated.

I made a poem about Annie.

Annie was good

Annie was fine

Annie has freckles,

That look divine

See the show

Then go dine

Before the show mum and I had a crepe. We found this old newspaper stand in Swanston St that was selling crepes. It was just like the street stalls that sell crepes in Paris. They had French music playing and the people working there were also French. The crepes were delicious! I had salted caramel. There were many different types of crepes to choose from. YUM.

I went to the evening show and it wasn’t hard to stay awake. The play went for 2 1/2 hours with an interval. Click here for performance information about Annie. I recommend it for 5+

The Curious Game

Who likes games? Well there was an interactive show at the The Substation part of The Winter Kids Festival in Melbourne called The Curious Game. It is performed by a local theatre group called Born in a Taxi.

The Pawn, the Queen and the Knight

The costumes were whacky and amazing, just like the performance. There were 3 performers, a bossy Queen, a silly Knight and a devious Pawn. The stage was set up with a throne. They lay down a large chess board mat and invited audience members to come and play. The Queen tells  you to do some funny things and if you do it wrong you’re out. The winner got to sit on the throne. There was not much talking but we did have to make lots of different sounds. I learned early on that you had to bow to the Queen, otherwise you were pulled out of the audience and smacked, all in good fun. I laughed alot!

As part of the festival there were other activities as well – drawing competition, art gallery, bookshop, story telling and more.

The Queen and me

The Curious Game was a really really good show! I loved it so much I asked dad if I could go again and we did! I recommend The Curious Game for 5+.


Another amazing  performance by Circus Oz. Full of juggling, comedy, aerobics, magic and circus tricks. It was an awesome show. The topic this year is The Ground and Up, inspired by the construction of the new Circus Oz home in Collingwood and building culture form the ground up. Circus Oz is entertaining and funny but still delivers a message though the theme of fruit salad. You might be a strawberry and I might be an apple and together we belong in the same bowl, Australia.


I was really happy to have the opportunity to interview  Flip from Circus Oz, one of my favourite performers. In Circus Oz Flip plays the part of Fantaysia Fitness. Fantaysia Fitness is funny and fit but doesn’t like being told what to do. Flip’s work on the straps is amazing!

Flip – Fantaysia Fitness

Here Is The Interview I Did With Flip:

  • How long has Circus Oz been going for?   Circus Oz was established in 1978
  • How do you decide what happens in the show?   We have some directors that give us a topic and then we work from there.
  • How long did it take to make this show?   It took us 2 months to make this performance.
  • How long do you train for each day?   We train for 8 hours every day.
  • Who designs the costumes?   Laurel Frank
  • How long does it take to prepare for a performance?    It takes us 2 hours beforehand.
  • Why did you decide to be a performer?   I got the thrown in to it. (Flip has been training for circuses since she was 8 years old).
  • How do you feel on stage?   I feel happy and exited, I just enjoy it.

Thankyou Flip for your time

I  recommend it for 5+. I thought the performance was terrific and if you see it I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Circus Oz tent is located at Birrarung Marr from June 20 to July 15. Click here for national tour dates.

Mortimer Revealed

WOW! What another great book in The Grimstones series. Mortimer Revealed is the second book. If you are unfamiliar with The Grimstones it is a Gothic Fairytale and you can look at my reviews of the plays Hatched and Mortimer Revealed. The book was the same as the play but in greater detail.

No one would talk about Martha’s father’s death, even if she asked them nicely. She asked her brother who had magical powers, if he could help her find out what happened to her father. Martha wanted to understand why everyone is so sad. Grab a copy and read it to find out what happens.


I think this book is for 7+(even mum loved this story). If you like mythical books you will enjoy this series. I can’t wait for #3 to be released.

I can’t wait for #3 to be released.


Hatched is the first story of the Grimstones by Asphyxia. Now I’ve seen the whole  Grimstones series it makes more sence to me. Now I know why Crumpet has 3 legs and had a tuft of hair when he  was born. The  tuft of hair meant that Crumpet was magic. The Grimstones is a gothic fairytale, told by marionettes. There were two people Asphyxia and Paula who controlled the marionettes. Since Asphyxia is deaf she signed and Paula tells the story.

In Hatched, Martha created her brother in Elcho’s (Grandpa Grimstones) apothecary. When she was making a spell for a baby she spilt extra drops of one ingredient. Martha put the egg in a safe spot in Mama’s sewing room. She watched the egg grow and it soon hatched. Crumpet was born. Crumpet was born with an extra leg because of the extra drop.

I think Hatched is suitable for ages 5+. I loved this play just as much as Mortimer Revealed. It is magical. Asphyxia please, please keep writing more Grimstones tales.

Martha and Crumpet

Martha and Crumpet