Drawing Competition – Winter Kids Festival

Here is a picture of my winning entry to the Winter Kids Festival drawing competition.

The Queen from the Curious Game
(my entry)


The Winter Kids Festival at the Substation

Kids Winter Festival

The Winter Kids Festival had lots of entertaining things on. It was awesome I went 3 days in a row. I saw some great shows The Curious Game, The Magical Circus and The Listies (you can read my reviews below). There were readings at the bookshop, drawing competition and loads more things happening. I also enjoyed Mitchell’s magic tricks before the shows started. It was well organised and the Substation was a cool location for the festival. I hope there is a Spring Kids Festival for the next school holidays.

Thanks Mitchell for your magic tricks

little big shots

I went to the launch of Melbourne’s International Film Festival for kids, Little Big Shots. It was great fun. The MCs were very funny and we got to see the awards being handed out.

I saw:

A Mouse for Sale – cartoon that was very funny.

I Am A Green Tree Frog – claymation done by a primary school. The song is very catchy. I can still hear it singing in my head.

Play Lunch – This was my favourite one. This was about friendship and kindness.

The Vaccum Kid – This was a documentary about a boy that collects vacuum cleaners. I thought it was weird that a boy would collect vacuum cleaners.

I loved Little Big Shots last year and again this year. It is a great international film festival for kids, well actually all ages. Little Big Shots gets a 10/10! For Sydney dates click here.

Softie Friends

In the holidays I went to Softie Friends at Artplay with Katie Evans. Katie ran the  sewing workshop with Monika. Firstly we chose our pattern (or made our own). I chose the owl. We selected our felt and fabrics for decorations. Katie talked about the different stitches we could use to sew our Softie Friends. I used running stitch. There were also different types of stuffing. Apart from the soft fluffy fill, there was paper and foam.

Tracing the pattern

Creating Bink










I think putting it together, making it come to life was the best part of the workshop. Adding a face, eyes, nose and wings gave “Bink” her own personality.



I could have stayed there all day sewing. This workshop has inspired me to make some more things. Katie showed us that you can make something from anything for example a circle could be used to make a cat. Katie has a great book called Little Things for Busy Hands.


Me and Bink

Everyone can enjoy this workshop and you don’t have to know how to sew!


Hatched is the first story of the Grimstones by Asphyxia. Now I’ve seen the whole  Grimstones series it makes more sence to me. Now I know why Crumpet has 3 legs and had a tuft of hair when he  was born. The  tuft of hair meant that Crumpet was magic. The Grimstones is a gothic fairytale, told by marionettes. There were two people Asphyxia and Paula who controlled the marionettes. Since Asphyxia is deaf she signed and Paula tells the story.

In Hatched, Martha created her brother in Elcho’s (Grandpa Grimstones) apothecary. When she was making a spell for a baby she spilt extra drops of one ingredient. Martha put the egg in a safe spot in Mama’s sewing room. She watched the egg grow and it soon hatched. Crumpet was born. Crumpet was born with an extra leg because of the extra drop.

I think Hatched is suitable for ages 5+. I loved this play just as much as Mortimer Revealed. It is magical. Asphyxia please, please keep writing more Grimstones tales.

Martha and Crumpet

Martha and Crumpet

The Big Draw

I went to Artplay with mum, Hugo and my friend Nicole for The Big Draw. At The Big Draw we used different techniques to make pictures and displayed them. There were lots of different drawing activities. Some of the activities had rules to follow. It was interesting to see everyone’s finished pictures on display. Even though we followed the same rules they all looked very different.

Some of the fun activities included

  • Electrical tape drawing on the floor/sculpture making
  • The Boogie Woogie Grid
  • Chain Linking
  • Shadow drawing
  • Weave drawing and lots more….
Electrical Tape
This was fun. Using electrical tape we made pictures on the floor. The area was broken into different sections. In some areas you had to follow rules and other areas were free to create anything. I enjoyed this activity. Then we were instructed to peel up the tape and create something else. It was here I met up with Archie (an e-artkid) and with Nicole and Hugo we created “Bob”

The finished project













Bob he’s a blob all fat and round
He has a mouth but makes no sound
When Bob laughs his brothers come
To jump up and down and have some fun


Chain Linking

In Chain Linking we made a squiggly picture. At first I didn’t understand how to do it. But once I worked it out it was fun.

Shadow Drawing

This was cool. We drew on a piece of paper and with a projector the image was repeated across the screen.

Shadow drawing

We participated in all the different activities. This afternoon of fun gets the thumbs up!

Story Starter

I went to the Story Starter workshop which was part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. Gabrielle Wang is an author who writes novels for kids. In the workshop we wrote beginnings to stories using Gabrielle’s topics. Gabrielle taught us different techniques for story writing. Gabrielle showed us how the use of imagination can help story writing. We closed our eyes and imagined we were at the beach. She asked questions like What can we see, hear, smell and feel? Gabrielle explained how memories can weave into stories. She explained how a childhood adventure with her sister is part of one of her novels. Then we started to write.

Gabrielle and me

Here is what I wrote….


Finally I got to the beach. I was tired because I ran away from home. I couldn’t see Lily my friend dolphin. My feet twitched like something was wrong. Had something happened to Lily? I don’t know. I went to the shoreline and could see something moving. I thought it might be Lily. I moved closer to see what it was….


My first steps into the witches mansion. In my mind I had a fuzzy feeling like a witch will come out of no where. I heard footsteps. Quickly I hide. I asked myself is she there. A voice says “No.” What just happened?

Gabrielle also taught us how to draw. Not only does Gabrielle write novels but is also a beautiful illustrator. We learned how to draw Peng (pronounced Pong) which is a mythological Chinese creature.

After such an inspiring workshop I wrote a poem about Peng. Here it is.

PENG by Tayger Checkley

Peng he’s a creature never seen before.

He’s like a fish,

He’s like a fire breathing tiger.

Have you seen him before?

Well, no!

Peng is a creature you need to know.

What does he look like look?

See below.

Peng by Tayger

I had a great day. From writing stories to drawing Peng. This workshop was inspiring and awesome. Thank you MWF, Artplay and Gabrielle for teaching us.