Man Covets Bird

I went to Man Covets Bird play at the Arts Centre. On entering the theatre we were asked to look into a box and the man told us we were going to go on a very fast train ride. I didn’t know much about the play before hand except that it was a boys journey growing up.

The beginning of the play was very fast paced. The play started with the birth of the boy and his life was fast and then it got slower. He found a bird that became his best friend. One morning he woke up and no one recognised him (because he was no longer a boy but a man) so he went far away with his bird. He moved to a big town and got a job in factory. At the factory no one spoke. On the train to and from work no one spoke.

It was during this part that the play started to get a little boring. But it wasn’t until after the play that I realised that perhaps some parts of life might be boring.  In the beginning the man was a lone but he had his bird. The bird did a lot for the man and made him happy. In the play no one talked on the train to and from work then the one day the man decided to share  his  bird with every one and they started to talk to one another and it bought them happiness. People around you can effect how you feel.

I liked the projections on the walls and the background music. There were 4 people in the show but only 1 actor the other 3 sung and played instruments.

It was good but perhaps a little boring in the middle which made the play feel a little too long. It did make me think about life and how people around you can affect how you feel. So I would say the play was thought provoking. I recommend Man Covets Bird for 10 +.


The Curious Game

Who likes games? Well there was an interactive show at the The Substation part of The Winter Kids Festival in Melbourne called The Curious Game. It is performed by a local theatre group called Born in a Taxi.

The Pawn, the Queen and the Knight

The costumes were whacky and amazing, just like the performance. There were 3 performers, a bossy Queen, a silly Knight and a devious Pawn. The stage was set up with a throne. They lay down a large chess board mat and invited audience members to come and play. The Queen tells  you to do some funny things and if you do it wrong you’re out. The winner got to sit on the throne. There was not much talking but we did have to make lots of different sounds. I learned early on that you had to bow to the Queen, otherwise you were pulled out of the audience and smacked, all in good fun. I laughed alot!

As part of the festival there were other activities as well – drawing competition, art gallery, bookshop, story telling and more.

The Queen and me

The Curious Game was a really really good show! I loved it so much I asked dad if I could go again and we did! I recommend The Curious Game for 5+.


Another amazing  performance by Circus Oz. Full of juggling, comedy, aerobics, magic and circus tricks. It was an awesome show. The topic this year is The Ground and Up, inspired by the construction of the new Circus Oz home in Collingwood and building culture form the ground up. Circus Oz is entertaining and funny but still delivers a message though the theme of fruit salad. You might be a strawberry and I might be an apple and together we belong in the same bowl, Australia.


I was really happy to have the opportunity to interview  Flip from Circus Oz, one of my favourite performers. In Circus Oz Flip plays the part of Fantaysia Fitness. Fantaysia Fitness is funny and fit but doesn’t like being told what to do. Flip’s work on the straps is amazing!

Flip – Fantaysia Fitness

Here Is The Interview I Did With Flip:

  • How long has Circus Oz been going for?   Circus Oz was established in 1978
  • How do you decide what happens in the show?   We have some directors that give us a topic and then we work from there.
  • How long did it take to make this show?   It took us 2 months to make this performance.
  • How long do you train for each day?   We train for 8 hours every day.
  • Who designs the costumes?   Laurel Frank
  • How long does it take to prepare for a performance?    It takes us 2 hours beforehand.
  • Why did you decide to be a performer?   I got the thrown in to it. (Flip has been training for circuses since she was 8 years old).
  • How do you feel on stage?   I feel happy and exited, I just enjoy it.

Thankyou Flip for your time

I  recommend it for 5+. I thought the performance was terrific and if you see it I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Circus Oz tent is located at Birrarung Marr from June 20 to July 15. Click here for national tour dates.

little big shots

I went to the launch of Melbourne’s International Film Festival for kids, Little Big Shots. It was great fun. The MCs were very funny and we got to see the awards being handed out.

I saw:

A Mouse for Sale – cartoon that was very funny.

I Am A Green Tree Frog – claymation done by a primary school. The song is very catchy. I can still hear it singing in my head.

Play Lunch – This was my favourite one. This was about friendship and kindness.

The Vaccum Kid – This was a documentary about a boy that collects vacuum cleaners. I thought it was weird that a boy would collect vacuum cleaners.

I loved Little Big Shots last year and again this year. It is a great international film festival for kids, well actually all ages. Little Big Shots gets a 10/10! For Sydney dates click here.


Starchaser is a play by the  Arena Theatre Company. Congratulations to Lally Katz on a beautiful story. 

Starchaser is about a girl called Catta whose parents had died. She believed if she didn’t cry her parents would come back to life. Catta has a young brother called Tommy who cried about his parents, so he couldn’t go with Catta to chase the star Atlier. Catta went on an exciting adventure to find the star Atlier and bring her parents back to life.  

I really enjoyed  Starchaser, it was sad but also funny. It was like a book you couldn’t put down, I was always wondering what would happen next. I learned that you have to live your life.

I enjoyed Starchaser and recommend it for ages 8+.