ANIMUS – By Liam Lynch

Mum took me to see my first photographic exhibition ANIMUS by Liam Lynch. The exhibition is about wildlife both underwater and on land. Some photos were large and majestic even though the focus of the photo is of little aspects, like an elephants eye, but they were so beautiful! Liam also uses a special technique called paladium printing.

The elephant's eye

The elephant’s eye




I would like to thank Liam for taking the time to answer my questions:

Do you only photograph animals? No, I’m primarily a commercial photographer, wildlife forms part of my fine art work.

Do you have a favourite animal to photograph? Not exclusively but I do enjoy photographing weedy sea dragons.

What is your favourite photo in your current exhibition and why? The spider crabs is my favourite image in the current exhibition, I love how it looks so alien & everybody thinks it’s been manipulated.. but it hasn’t!!

What inspired you to be a photographer? My mum came home one day with a b&w print of her car that she had taken & printed herself when I was about 11years old, that was enough to make me want to explore the medium myself.

How long does it take for you do a palladium print? That’s a great question, I can’t put an exact time on it, but the process from applying the emulsion thru exposure to the finished print can take up to 4hrs.

My favourite photo!

My favourite photo!


The Big Draw

I went to Artplay with mum, Hugo and my friend Nicole for The Big Draw. At The Big Draw we used different techniques to make pictures and displayed them. There were lots of different drawing activities. Some of the activities had rules to follow. It was interesting to see everyone’s finished pictures on display. Even though we followed the same rules they all looked very different.

Some of the fun activities included

  • Electrical tape drawing on the floor/sculpture making
  • The Boogie Woogie Grid
  • Chain Linking
  • Shadow drawing
  • Weave drawing and lots more….
Electrical Tape
This was fun. Using electrical tape we made pictures on the floor. The area was broken into different sections. In some areas you had to follow rules and other areas were free to create anything. I enjoyed this activity. Then we were instructed to peel up the tape and create something else. It was here I met up with Archie (an e-artkid) and with Nicole and Hugo we created “Bob”

The finished project













Bob he’s a blob all fat and round
He has a mouth but makes no sound
When Bob laughs his brothers come
To jump up and down and have some fun


Chain Linking

In Chain Linking we made a squiggly picture. At first I didn’t understand how to do it. But once I worked it out it was fun.

Shadow Drawing

This was cool. We drew on a piece of paper and with a projector the image was repeated across the screen.

Shadow drawing

We participated in all the different activities. This afternoon of fun gets the thumbs up!

Art of the Brick

Art of the Brick was an exhibition of Lego sculptures by New York artist Nathan Sawaya. It is amazing to think all the sculptures were made of Lego.

Here is one of my favourite scultpures below.

I enjoyed watching the video of Nathan Sawaya build one of the sculptures.

The exhibition is not that big and in a large space, so you can easily get around to see all the displays. I am sure this will inspire many people to start building with Lego. Recommended for all ages.


I went to Scienceworks. I saw 2 shows, Light & Fire and The Problem with Pluto. I liked Scienceworks because it was very interesting and interactive. I enjoyed the Planetarium and Nitty Gritty Super City.

The Planetarium was amazing. I liked the way you laid back in the seats and watched the sky. I saw the movie The Problem with Pluto. I didn’t really like this movie. I did like learning about which constellations to spot in the night sky.

The Light and Fire show was about chemistry. They did some experiments. The man talked about a lightning show which would happen at the end. I thought this part was disappointing. I expected more lightning. I would like to have seen more experiments to do with lightning.

I thought that Scienceworks was great, I recommend this 3+.

Tutankhamun Exhibition

I went to the Tutankhamun exhibition on the Saturday the 4th June 2011. I went with Issy, Indi and of course mum came.

I thought the video at the start of the exhibition was good. It gave an overview about Egypt and Tutankhamun. Sometimes it was hard to follow the family tree. I kept getting confused between the father and great grandfather of Tutankhamun. Overall the exhibition was fascinating. The artefacts are beautiful. It is hard to believe they are that old.

We saw so many interesting things. From hieroglyphics to artefacts; canopic jars to gold coffins and death masks. There were many perfume/oil/unguent vessels, some furniture and jewellery.

Canopic Jars

I learnt alot from the exhibition. I learnt about some Egyptian history, the mummification process, Obsidian, the meaning of the colour blue for Egyptians and lots more.

We went to the 9:00am session and didn’t have to wait in a big queue to get in. It took us about 2 hours to get through. We had a rest half way. Towards the end of the exhibition it was starting to get really crowded. I recommend going early to beat the crowds. You weren’t allowed any food and drink inside the exhibition. You weren’t allowed to take photos and mobile phones had to be switched off. I would recommend this exhibition to 5+.