Tavi Gevinson – ROOKIE DAY

Tavi is a young girl like us who wanted to live her dream and do what she likes best! Since Tavi was 11 she has been blogging in her bedroom on fashion. When she was that age she never pictured her life like this, famous, people wanting her autograph and being their idol. Tavi has a wonderful individual and inspiring fashion sense.

Tavi is still a young girl like us who has to go to school! Her normal day is like this:

  • School
  • If nothing is urgent she hangs out with friends
  • If something is urgent or doesn’t want to hang out she goes home to blog for a few hours
  • Homework for about 3 hours
  • Go to bed

Now you know how she does it all but she doesn’t find this work she finds this fun. Tavi finds if she has lots of work she has less times to worry about things.

Tavi always keeps things new, fun and exiting when she is talking to us on Rookie and her amazing life. Her presentations were interesting. She added in jokes on the topic and made a power point presentation which was very artistic. I heard Tavi talk the night before Rookie Day. I knew more about her but she didn’t talk on anything she had already said the night before. I learnt a lot from her like how to handle a bad hair day just think I don’t have to look at it, if it helps Beyoncé. That’s what Tavi does.

Rookie Day was awesome we listened to all the girls speak then we made a mind map of things we like best with pictures from magazines. All my pictures were from Frankie magazines. My mind map was mainly based on yummy biscuits. This is because I was hungry. I left my lunch at home in all the excitement of leaving for Rookie day. But it wore off quick because we were about to start dancing in the dark.

When Tavi signed my Year Book she used my Gold pen, this pen shall now be called the “Special Pen”.

Tavi Gevinson is the  most wonderous, groovy and inspiring blogger I have ever met! I love the idea of Rookie, and the way she has put it up online. After Tavi I was inspired to blog more.


Story Starter

I went to the Story Starter workshop which was part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. Gabrielle Wang is an author who writes novels for kids. In the workshop we wrote beginnings to stories using Gabrielle’s topics. Gabrielle taught us different techniques for story writing. Gabrielle showed us how the use of imagination can help story writing. We closed our eyes and imagined we were at the beach. She asked questions like What can we see, hear, smell and feel? Gabrielle explained how memories can weave into stories. She explained how a childhood adventure with her sister is part of one of her novels. Then we started to write.

Gabrielle and me

Here is what I wrote….


Finally I got to the beach. I was tired because I ran away from home. I couldn’t see Lily my friend dolphin. My feet twitched like something was wrong. Had something happened to Lily? I don’t know. I went to the shoreline and could see something moving. I thought it might be Lily. I moved closer to see what it was….


My first steps into the witches mansion. In my mind I had a fuzzy feeling like a witch will come out of no where. I heard footsteps. Quickly I hide. I asked myself is she there. A voice says “No.” What just happened?

Gabrielle also taught us how to draw. Not only does Gabrielle write novels but is also a beautiful illustrator. We learned how to draw Peng (pronounced Pong) which is a mythological Chinese creature.

After such an inspiring workshop I wrote a poem about Peng. Here it is.

PENG by Tayger Checkley

Peng he’s a creature never seen before.

He’s like a fish,

He’s like a fire breathing tiger.

Have you seen him before?

Well, no!

Peng is a creature you need to know.

What does he look like look?

See below.

Peng by Tayger

I had a great day. From writing stories to drawing Peng. This workshop was inspiring and awesome. Thank you MWF, Artplay and Gabrielle for teaching us.