Drawing Competition – Winter Kids Festival

Here is a picture of my winning entry to the Winter Kids Festival drawing competition.

The Queen from the Curious Game
(my entry)


The Winter Kids Festival at the Substation

Kids Winter Festival

The Winter Kids Festival had lots of entertaining things on. It was awesome I went 3 days in a row. I saw some great shows The Curious Game, The Magical Circus and The Listies (you can read my reviews below). There were readings at the bookshop, drawing competition and loads more things happening. I also enjoyed Mitchell’s magic tricks before the shows started. It was well organised and the Substation was a cool location for the festival. I hope there is a Spring Kids Festival for the next school holidays.

Thanks Mitchell for your magic tricks

The Listies

Rich me and Matt

Tayger’s List of The Listies

  • Hysterical
  • Rude
  • Disgusting
  • Cool
  • Gross
  • Whacky
  • Hysterical
  • Awesome
  • Silly
  • Funny
  • Weird
  • Hysterical
  • Must see The Listies again!

This is a SENSATIONAL, side splitting funny show for all ages. It was very noisy because the entire audience was laughing.  The Listies, Richard and Matt are a great comedy duo. Rich is very serious and Matt is very very silly. They taught us about interesting/boring animals, rude words, secrets about nanas, facts about icicle chickens and how to make “the Ultimate Sandwidj.” I have seen the List Operators before and I have not tired of their silliness. 10/10

The Magical Circus – Chris Morant

What is the magic word? If you answered abracadabra you are wrong. In the Magical Circus it is …….. PLEASE!

This show requires audience participation. We all participated in juggling huge cubes and some children were selected to help Chris carry out his tricks. It was educational. I learnt that can do the “floor show” and how to make a cracker disappear. Try this at home.

Things you need:

  • 1 cracker
  • 2 hands
  • imagination

Here is when the magic come in, put the cracker in one hand and pretend to put it in the other. Then say I am going to put some magic dust over the cracker. Start crumbling the cracker over your hand that they think the cracker is in. When the cracker is all crumbled up, open your hand that the cracker was supposed to be in and show that the cracker has gone, MAGIC.

I was impressed with the whip cracking. Chris is very talented and entertaining. My younger brother was selected as an assistant. He had a great time. I recommend this show for 2-7 year olds.

The Curious Game

Who likes games? Well there was an interactive show at the The Substation part of The Winter Kids Festival in Melbourne called The Curious Game. It is performed by a local theatre group called Born in a Taxi.

The Pawn, the Queen and the Knight

The costumes were whacky and amazing, just like the performance. There were 3 performers, a bossy Queen, a silly Knight and a devious Pawn. The stage was set up with a throne. They lay down a large chess board mat and invited audience members to come and play. The Queen tells  you to do some funny things and if you do it wrong you’re out. The winner got to sit on the throne. There was not much talking but we did have to make lots of different sounds. I learned early on that you had to bow to the Queen, otherwise you were pulled out of the audience and smacked, all in good fun. I laughed alot!

As part of the festival there were other activities as well – drawing competition, art gallery, bookshop, story telling and more.

The Queen and me

The Curious Game was a really really good show! I loved it so much I asked dad if I could go again and we did! I recommend The Curious Game for 5+.

I am 11

I saw I Am 11, a documentary by Genevieve Bailey. The film is currently showing at Cinema Nova, in Carlton.

The producers of the film interviewed 11 year olds  from 15 countries around the world. I Am 11 is about 11 year olds from all over the world telling you their perspective of the world and what it means to be 11.

The film was OK. A lot of the film was not in  English so we had to read subtitles. The subtitles were fast so it was hard for me to keep up  so I could only understand parts of it, which made the film boring in parts. The film was also very long.

I recommend this film for 10+.


I am 11


Another amazing  performance by Circus Oz. Full of juggling, comedy, aerobics, magic and circus tricks. It was an awesome show. The topic this year is The Ground and Up, inspired by the construction of the new Circus Oz home in Collingwood and building culture form the ground up. Circus Oz is entertaining and funny but still delivers a message though the theme of fruit salad. You might be a strawberry and I might be an apple and together we belong in the same bowl, Australia.


I was really happy to have the opportunity to interview  Flip from Circus Oz, one of my favourite performers. In Circus Oz Flip plays the part of Fantaysia Fitness. Fantaysia Fitness is funny and fit but doesn’t like being told what to do. Flip’s work on the straps is amazing!

Flip – Fantaysia Fitness

Here Is The Interview I Did With Flip:

  • How long has Circus Oz been going for?   Circus Oz was established in 1978
  • How do you decide what happens in the show?   We have some directors that give us a topic and then we work from there.
  • How long did it take to make this show?   It took us 2 months to make this performance.
  • How long do you train for each day?   We train for 8 hours every day.
  • Who designs the costumes?   Laurel Frank
  • How long does it take to prepare for a performance?    It takes us 2 hours beforehand.
  • Why did you decide to be a performer?   I got the thrown in to it. (Flip has been training for circuses since she was 8 years old).
  • How do you feel on stage?   I feel happy and exited, I just enjoy it.

Thankyou Flip for your time

I  recommend it for 5+. I thought the performance was terrific and if you see it I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Circus Oz tent is located at Birrarung Marr from June 20 to July 15. Click here for national tour dates.