Poppy – My Black Apple Doll

We made our Christmas bonbons. Mum made mine with my little brother. On Christmas Day I opened my bonbon and a doll pattern fell out. I was really excited. I went through mum’s scrap materials and planned my doll. We cut it out and mum let me sew on her sewing machine. I needed her help on the tricky bits.




Hatched is the first story of the Grimstones by Asphyxia. Now I’ve seen the whole  Grimstones series it makes more sence to me. Now I know why Crumpet has 3 legs and had a tuft of hair when he  was born. The  tuft of hair meant that Crumpet was magic. The Grimstones is a gothic fairytale, told by marionettes. There were two people Asphyxia and Paula who controlled the marionettes. Since Asphyxia is deaf she signed and Paula tells the story.

In Hatched, Martha created her brother in Elcho’s (Grandpa Grimstones) apothecary. When she was making a spell for a baby she spilt extra drops of one ingredient. Martha put the egg in a safe spot in Mama’s sewing room. She watched the egg grow and it soon hatched. Crumpet was born. Crumpet was born with an extra leg because of the extra drop.

I think Hatched is suitable for ages 5+. I loved this play just as much as Mortimer Revealed. It is magical. Asphyxia please, please keep writing more Grimstones tales.

Martha and Crumpet

Martha and Crumpet

A Little Bit of Blue: The Mystery

I went to A Little Bit of Blue with my brother and dad. A Little Bit of Blue was a puppet show at Artplay. It was about a bowerbird who took blue things from a grandma. The bower bird collects blue things to put his nest, then does a dance to attract a female bird. If he does not impress that female bowerbird he has to find another female bowerbird.

I liked the way each of the 7 characters had a different voice done by the solo artist.  I recommend this for children aged 2-9.