Hatched is the first story of the Grimstones by Asphyxia. Now I’ve seen the whole  Grimstones series it makes more sence to me. Now I know why Crumpet has 3 legs and had a tuft of hair when he  was born. The  tuft of hair meant that Crumpet was magic. The Grimstones is a gothic fairytale, told by marionettes. There were two people Asphyxia and Paula who controlled the marionettes. Since Asphyxia is deaf she signed and Paula tells the story.

In Hatched, Martha created her brother in Elcho’s (Grandpa Grimstones) apothecary. When she was making a spell for a baby she spilt extra drops of one ingredient. Martha put the egg in a safe spot in Mama’s sewing room. She watched the egg grow and it soon hatched. Crumpet was born. Crumpet was born with an extra leg because of the extra drop.

I think Hatched is suitable for ages 5+. I loved this play just as much as Mortimer Revealed. It is magical. Asphyxia please, please keep writing more Grimstones tales.

Martha and Crumpet

Martha and Crumpet


Sinbad et le cheval enchante (Sinbad and the enchanted horse)

Sinbad et le cheval enchante is french play with marionettes. The play was mainly in French but had some English translations.

The story takes place in the Kingdom of Abyssinia. Queen of Shiba is celebrating her birthday when suddenly a mysterious man named Amar appears with an enchanted horse. The Queen asks Sindbad, her son, to ride it. Suddenly he takes off with the horse and lands in an unknown country, in front of a palace. In the palace lives Princess Lala and her parrot Papageno.

We participated by singing along and some cheering. The change of scenes took too long and overall the play was a little too long. This play was a little scary for some young children as they cried! It was OK.

Mortimer Revealed

Mortimer Revealed is the latest Grimstone story. The Grimstones is a gothic fairytale, told by marionettes. There were two people Asphyxia and Paula who controlled the marionettes. Asphyxia, who is a deaf artist, wrote the story and made the marionettes and the stage props. The marionettes and props are beautiful. The props were like big books carried on to the stage. The books contained the scenes. Asphyxia signed and Paula translated the story.

Paula and Asphyxia









Martha was curious about her father’s death. No one would talk about his death. Martha asked her brother, Crumpet who had magic powers, if he could unleash the mystery behind the death of her father.

The Grimstone Family










The movement of the marionettes was expressive and didn’t need many words to explain the story. If you want to take a little sneak peak at the story click here. 

Martha and Crumpet Grimstone

After the show we were able to ask questions. I learned that Asphyxia is turning the Grimstones into story books. I can’t wait until they are released next year. I really enjoyed this show at Artplay. This is one of my most favourite things I have seen at Artplay this year!