ANIMUS – By Liam Lynch

Mum took me to see my first photographic exhibition ANIMUS by Liam Lynch. The exhibition is about wildlife both underwater and on land. Some photos were large and majestic even though the focus of the photo is of little aspects, like an elephants eye, but they were so beautiful! Liam also uses a special technique called paladium printing.

The elephant's eye

The elephant’s eye




I would like to thank Liam for taking the time to answer my questions:

Do you only photograph animals? No, I’m primarily a commercial photographer, wildlife forms part of my fine art work.

Do you have a favourite animal to photograph? Not exclusively but I do enjoy photographing weedy sea dragons.

What is your favourite photo in your current exhibition and why? The spider crabs is my favourite image in the current exhibition, I love how it looks so alien & everybody thinks it’s been manipulated.. but it hasn’t!!

What inspired you to be a photographer? My mum came home one day with a b&w print of her car that she had taken & printed herself when I was about 11years old, that was enough to make me want to explore the medium myself.

How long does it take for you do a palladium print? That’s a great question, I can’t put an exact time on it, but the process from applying the emulsion thru exposure to the finished print can take up to 4hrs.

My favourite photo!

My favourite photo!


Light Fantastic

Can you draw with light? YES, I learned how to do it at a workshop called Light Fantastic at Artplay. Haley Rivers taught us the history of Light Graffiti and how easy it is to create. You need light and a photographer.

Haley & me

Juggle Light










We explored how to create different patterns with light. The types on light we used were from juggle balls, hula hoops, glow sticks and torches.

We made an animation of a city which I hope to be able to put up on my blog soon. I enjoyed making this animation. All of the animations from Light Fantastic workshops will be exhibited in November.

I liked Light Fantastic. I recommend this to anyone exploring different types of arts.


Here are a few pictures I made at home.

Shooting Star

Love Heart

Perfume Bottle

Music Note